Last few days of shows in London and Compton

Nearing the end of a busy summer with the last 2 days of exhibition Essence at the London glassblowing gallery in Bermondsey street and the wonderful cup show curated by Alison Briton Many a Slip at the Marsden Woo gallery  ending on September 5th.

My contribution with Cup for goose egg - Glass, wood, egg
Cup for goose egg and cup for quail egg. image © Philip Sayer  

Gardening with Morris at the Arts and Crafts House Then and Now is still on till the 13 September. The show has already attracted 12000 visitors! Will be preparing to garden William Morris wall paper designs for the next venue in Newcastle's Laing gallery where the Arts and Crafts show is opening from the 10 Oct - 31 Jan 2016

Detail Gardening with William Morris's Daisies and  Chrysanthemums